Cloudflyer’s ROI is too good to ignore

3 min readMar 24, 2022


Nothing is easy these days except for this math.

Why haven’t we done this yet?

For most decision makers that manage the money for any organization, there are often 4 primary considerations that are top of mind:

1) ROI
2) Keep within budget
3) Don’t make big mistakes
4) ROI

IT infrastructure and recurring cloud services costs are a significant consideration with any organization’s budget these days. Finding cost efficiencies while not hindering any technical requirements is really important but not easy.

When we designed Cloudflyer, performance and cost optimization were constantly top of mind for us as well. We wanted to deliver a solution that forced IT decision makers to say “Why haven’t we done this yet?

So let’s quickly review how low we managed to get the ROI for current AWS, Azure or GCP customers that are seeking to lower their ever growing and constant cloud storage spend.


With a wide range of cloud storage services available to the market in 2022, it’s well known that AWS S3, Azure and GCP are more expensive than others. Not only is the price per GB considerably higher, there’s also an egress fee that they charge for customers to access your data. Your monthly cloud storage bill is well aware of this and unfortunately it’s not getting any smaller as your data and storage needs grow.

These are the big boys, the hyper scalers. They were first to market. They are among the biggest companies in the world because they offer incredible cloud services that are easy to use. The problem is that there has not been a way to justify moving your 100TBs or 2PBs to a much more cost efficient storage service because the cost and time required to do so are just too high.

The consideration is how can you find a cost efficient way to migrate from expensive to much more cost efficient with a justifiable ROI, while not disrupting operations and making sure your data is always 100% secure.

When ROI is too good to ignore

Cloudflyer has built intelligent gateways with object and network management systems that assume the customer’s egress costs and moves unlimited objects from source to destination cloud accounts. Frankly, although our solution would still be the world’s fastest C2C object replication service, it would not deliver high cost efficiency value if we couldn’t justify a ROI within 1–3 months.

Nor could we tell our customers that they would now save upwards of 75% annually on cloud storage costs with NO MORE EGRESS CHARGES.

Nothing is easy these days except for this math. This is easy math.

  1. 100 TBs in S3 or Azure w/ egress = ~$33,000 / annually
  2. 100 TBs in Wasabi w/ no egress = $7188 / annually
  3. Cloudflyer cost to move 100 TBs from S3 or Azure to Wasabi = $4500
  4. Total 1st year storage savings including Cloudflyer cost = $21,312
  5. Total annual cost savings after the 1st year = $25,812
  6. The ROI = Realized in less then 3 months
    (Time it takes to cover the cost of Cloudflyer with the monthly savings realized now that your 100 TBs are in Wasabi)

Why delay?

Cloudflyer (founded in 2021) is the new, intelligent, powerful and low cost transfer service that moves petabytes to / from over 30 cloud providers. We guarantee simplicity, security, project management at no additional cost and 100% object verification.

Don’t delay. Get moving today. Visit us at




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