Introducing Cloudflyer

The Era of Cloud Adoption

Throughout the past decade organizations worldwide started moving a good percentage of their data infrastructure from on-premise to the cloud.

Problem #1 | High Rent but You Can’t Move

In order to take advantage of cloud technologies, companies must move their data from local storage servers to the cloud storage of their choosing. Amazon’s S3 storage product was the first widely used public cloud storage while Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform have been taking percentages of market share each year.

Problem #2 | A Single Point of Data Failure

For many decision makers in charge of their company’s data, apprehension and fear arise when thinking about the loss of data or connectivity if they rely on a single cloud provider. It’s no secret that the largest cloud companies like AWS go down on occasion, making the data hosted in those data centers unavailable.

The Solution | Cloud Data Mobility + Redundancy + Incredible Savings

After years of working in the data infrastructure management space with dozens of technology partners and hundreds of organizations, my co-founder Michael Asadoorian and I started building software tools to help with cloud and file management.

  1. Data Security
  2. Object Management
  3. Network Optimization (Speed)
  4. Automation
  5. Scalability
  6. Cost
  7. Ease of Use

Eliminating Egress Costs (you’re free to move out)

Cloudflyer will cover all of your S3 or Azure egress costs. We’ve built infrastructure that allows us to quickly connect to and move data between AWS, Azure, GCP, Wasabi and many more cloud providers. Migrate to lower cost storage and save 80% annually. We will cover the cost of your escape!

100% Data Verification. 100% of the time.

Cloudflyer scans all data with advanced AI tools. Trillions of objects have been moved across many cloud providers and never one object left behind. Realtime reporting on the dashboard.

Auto Replication Between Cloud Providers

With just a few clicks you can now automate data replication between your cloud storage buckets. Choose the source, destination and frequency — you’re good to go. Set it and forget with confidence.

Speeds up to 100 Gbps

We continuously and intelligently optimize speeds in every way. There is no other C2C transfer service or product available that comes close to matching our performance. Move a petabyte in a week.

Cloudflyer AI

Cloudflyer gathers data on 9 separate network components. Our software uses those data points to intelligently optimize performance and protection of all data across each network.

Any S3 Compatible API

Many cloud storage services rely on an S3 compatible API for simple and flexible connectivity. We support any cloud storage that offers S3 Compatible APIs for ingest.

Simple Dashboard

We’ve architected a very complex transfer engine while keeping user experience simplicity in mind for our customers and partners. Become a qualified partner and manage your own Cloudflyer account in minutes.

2022 Plans | Ready to go!

With this week’s launch we’re focused on building a strong sales channel with MSPs, Tech Partners and IT organizations that help manage their customers’ cloud infrastructures. We can help with individual migration projects or set your team up to manage a white label offering. We’ve made the platform easy to use and administer.



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File Migrations Between Cloud Storage Providers. We’ve moved trillions of objects, 100+ Petabytes from AWS S3, Azure & GCP to lower cost storage.